"And Then What"

It could be around noon on a sunny day by the sea,
a sleepy person cradled by the breeze happened to be.
It was at a hamlet,wich name doesn´t matter.
Some tourists finally found another place to conquer.

A visitor approached our sleepy being.
He engaged conversation without knowing.
-"What are you ,in your life ,dedicated for?"
-"well,I´m a fisher you know".
-"Oh...that´s a hard work,it takes lot of time"
-"Oh, yeah, yeah,hard enough ,3 or 4 hours can be fine"

-"But that´s not so much...the rest of the day ,how do you go?"

-"Well,I wake up late,go fishing 3 or 4 hours in the end
After,I play a while with my children, with my partner, take the siesta
And ,in the afternoon,we go down to the bar,play guitar with our friends
Taking some beers if we want,enjoying life as a fiesta"

-"But..You can´t be like that,you must work a lot more!!"

And Then what?

You could duplicate,triplicate the hours of job
and ,in a couple of years buy a bigger boat
so you could catch more merchandise
and you could sell it ,get more money,the real paradise

And then what?

After a while,you could build a factory
offering different products to sell over the land
(you´d to)Control all the process to become satisfactory
(you´d )begin to see a little fortune to your hand

And then what?

you could grow with a distribution net
new shops,new factories, more and more shops
surveying all the time the other countries expansion bet
guiding your enterprise to the top of the pops

And then what?

In the end ,you´ll be at the stock exchange,
with an enormous company you´d got the power,
so much money you could own a mountain range,
so awfully rich, getting gold even from the shower

And then what?

when you´d get old,you could retire to a hamlet and...

..wake up late,go fishing 3 or 4 hours in the end
After, play a while with your grand-children, with your partner take the siesta
And ,in the afternoon, go down to the bar,play guitar with your friends
Taking some beers if you want,enjoying your shorter life as a fiesta


1st verse
From the third to the first,the first in the third....
Woman doctor.
The fight for a belt,the shore for the world,
Sooner or later.
The chant of the people with even no voice.
The soul of the planet wich suffers no choice..

Wangari ,set us to be free

Wangari ,Wangari
Wangari, the colibri

2nd verse
Inspiring everyone to persist in the challenge,
unbowed woman.
Searching for allies,digging holes for the change,
sooner or later.
A little drop of water lost in oceans of fire,
A sigh for millions more,hope for stopping the crime...

Last chorus
Wangari, bringing us a tree

Wangari, philosophy


"La Del Perro"

1era estrofa
Irrumpiendo en el jardín de la arrogancia,
veo un pozo que aún falta por llenar,
seguramente un recuerdo de la infancia
de algún perro que se olvidó de mear.

Perro de porte insultante,
de engañoso talante,
de afilado collar,
guarda aguaceros en un guante
en su guarida repugnante
de cinismo singular.

No le escribas,no ves que no te entiende.
No le llames ,se ha mudado a la ciudad.
No le silbes,su señoría se ofende.
No le escuches,te embauca su necedad

2ª estrofa
Se ha fugado con la dama del condado
en un crucero hacia los mares del sur.
En la ruleta ha sido afortunado.
Con tu piel se ha embriagado de glamour.

Son tus huesos los que aliñan su comida,
en la cantina del zorro burlador,
cuando el ardor del azar de la vida
se ha esfumado por el hueco del ventilador.

3ª estrofa
Con tu destino prostituyendose en la esquina,
a merced del mejor postor,
el can ladra a la luna esquiva,
regocijandose en tu dolor.

En una maleta de recuerdos vacíos,
se recluye la sombra de tu corazón,
cuando la lluvia de oscuros ladridos,
anega la ciénaga de tu ingenua razón


"Miss SG"

1º verse:
May be growing watching the sea waves by the window,
as movie scenes every day as it was getting dark,
made her come ,from a fishers village ,with no shadow,
for all we could share her time and personality mark.
Over a few years at the high school, we couldn´t imagine
a stunning pearl was at her beginning

Miss SG
evoking high votage energy
allways moulding a better world face
standing up stronger at every fall,you see
that real friend giving us all her grace
she´ll ever be for me ,
Miss SG

2º verse:

"Abrazado A La Tristeza"


He salido a la calle
abrazado a la tristeza,
vi lo que no mira nadie
y me dio verguenza y pena,
los llantos desconsolados
que estrangulan las gargantas
Dos ancianos encorvados
parece que la tierra los llama.


La justicia esta arrestada
por orden de la avaricia
el dinero que te salva
es el mismo que asesina
no me des mas esperanzas
se que todo son mentiras
sacos llenos de agujeros
para guardar las alegrias.


me da pena que se admire
el valor en la batalla
menos mal que con los rifles
no se matan las palabras.

menos mal que con los rifles
no se matan las palabras.



Long time´s passed,but hazardly she came to me one night.
At a concert ,I rediscovered her shinning star.
She was dedicated to weak people rights,
also fighting for women equality so far.

Raising up friendship flag,she knows
how to find a delicious way of soul care
Now I´m trying not to miss all the shows
where her magic will make my poor quill aware...

of the poetry inside persons like...


" Positive"

1st verse

I´ve spent all my life
Pointing at the dark side
never letting my eyes
see the goodness inside
A rare jewel to find
hidden by a caothic world
but ,if I force my mind
I can even say a word

You know I´m trying to be
I´m trying to be positive
I´s better for you and me
Reach a simle on our faces forever

2nd verse
Always disasters,always pain
I never could focuse on the dawn
always a million tears in the rain
but it´ll stop,the night has gone

"Un Lugar Para Mi Lápiz"


Ya no sé con que te puedo provocar.
Tal vez sea así,solo empezando a escribir.
Si es verdad que poco es lo que puedo hablar,
Y aún así.algo me empuja a insistir.


Desde aquí se ve un lugar
Que mi lapiz nunca sabrá dibujar.
No hay senderos ni ciudad,
mas si aire que contigo respirar.

2ª Estrofa
Cada vez más blanco es el papel a llenar.
Ya duele más ,cazar las palabras para untar,
preparar el nectar co que embriagar
a las hadas que ,un día más,
me concedan el poder de comunicar.

"Soldiers of the Smile"

1 º Verse
Armed with puppets, instruments and other stuff to go,
on the face ,a big red nose, and colored coats
they land in rooms fighting the sorrow
of all little innocents.They´ll reach for joy in their souls.

Soldiers of the smile,
only jokes as ammunition.instructed by the drollery
Now you're lost, now you're conquered
by the soldiers of the smile
Strategies for the minds of afflicted kids
seeping into all their beds,
That´s the soldiers of the smile.

2nd verse
A huge talent,
an exceptional feeling,
for emotional battles
always severe training,

a war found
upside down
among pillows in hospitals
to releive sore with comical balls .


While outside avaricious armies are murdering fragile people,
The clowns are fighting against poor health a little .

"What About You!"

1st Verse

Born in Humble family
Gets a chance to drive his own life for good
Walks against the wind
Thinks he ´ll be forever the king
People without luck in the dark
Fight against the circunstances even with no home
Find a place to eat in the park
Where the forks are made of gold

Never know the reason why
Having all you need to fight for your life
Choose the highway to cry
Will you wake up and try to grow for yourself
Too many people going like that

What about you !
Waiting for an explanation
Complaining of the world around
You don´t need no education
And the life will go on With a proud of mistake
Some day you´ll gonna see the right thing
I hope not too late

2nd Verse

He can see peole effort allright
He knows life is not so easy without
But the world he´s built around him
Is far from reallity ,there´s no clowns

Never Know the reason.....